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Improve Marketing Communication & Brand Awareness


SMM Strategy

It's very important to have overall social media marketing (SMM) strategy created and implemented properly. Marketing Palm experts have years of experience promoting companies and brands in social networks from their very appearance.


Marketing Communication

Social networks remain one of the main sources for personal communication with your clients. They assure much higher brand loyalty and create positive companys image.


Personalized Approach

When you deploy social media marketing services it's important to make sure that every comment is heard and problem solved. Social networks can be an ideal source for word of mouth and viral advertising.


Targeted Advertising

With the ability to create a campaign targeting specific audiences, we're able to deliver conversions you've always dreamed of. With properly set up and managed remarketing you can return prospective clients with special deals tailored in accordance with their previous behavior.

Social Communication & Targeted Advertising

In Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+


Content Is King

We can create and implement content marketing strategy in social networks that will deliver you followers and likes organically.


Consistent Communication

Positive buzz around your brand helps engage customers and make them interact freely with your products or services in the way they like.


Exact Targeting

With paid targeted advertising you can reach those who've been within your online space earlier or are lookalike audiences.


Measurable Results

With the opportunity to mark every post and ad with a special UTM, we're able to prepare comprehensive reports on every dollar spent and results achieved.

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